SensMitWeb is a cloud-based web-service that receives and processes all data originating with SensMittm radio products and related technologies. iDUS Controls Ltd. developed the technology of the SensMit Smartmesh radio platform. We have established SensMitWeb-services to provide secure and universal data warehousing, analytics and reporting for SensMit-originating data, and for any other data SensMit-users wish to have managed. All data originating with SensMit radios is encrypted at the time connected sensors are read, and then decrypted only after it has passed into the data warehouse, ensuring secure and universal communication of sensitive and proprietary data.

What You Can Use SensMitWeb For

SensMitWeb lets you aggregate real-time and historic data from global sources to a single high-capacity AWS-hosted DNS site, and using our portal translation utility, store it in a single format. Then you can view, extract, or have us manage the data, or API it out to your own application.

Basic Services (paid) cover secure data storage, retrieval, charting/display, user-defined alerts and API’s, with more-advanced paid services covering data mapping, analytics and the SensMitAct family of reports.

Service Enquiries

Service enquiries related to the operation of our partner’s hardware; features of their customized web service; and the transfer of related data, are to be addressed to the partner directly.

Contact Otacon Systems to:

  1. Make billing enquiries
  2. Upgrade or suspend your account (please see facilities within SensMitWeb first